What Is Needle Felting?

The craft of needle felting has been around for a long time, but, in recent years has been gaining more popularity.  

Needle felting is the craft technique used to create a shape using raw wool fibres. This is achieved by poking into the fibres repeatedly using a felting needle. Felting needles have tiny barbs which grab onto the fibres, as you use the needle to poke the wool, they tangle themselves into their surrounding fibres until they mesh together and are all interlocked. Needle felting causes the wool to reduce in size as the fibres become tighter and the wool is sculpted into shape. 

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Is needle felting difficult?

Not at all, needle felting may seem like a strange concept at first… poking into wool with needles to make a shape??? - sounds odd doesn’t it! - but it is actually an incredibly easy and intuitive craft.

What age should I be to start needle felting?

Our kits are suitable for age 14 and over.

Felting needles are extremely sharp and even expert needle felters can make a mistake and poke themselves.  We always recommend taking your time when needle felting. 

Some of our kits may contain small black beads so we do not recommend them for children as they could be a choking hazard.

I’m a beginner, which kit should I try first?

Roly World kits come in easy, medium and expert levels, so why not give an easy one a try. All our kits have fun, comprehensive instructions so you’ll find you quickly progress.

English is not my first language, will I be able to follow the instructions?

Yes, the instructions are in both words and pictures so you should be able to follow them even if English is not your first language.

Where does Roly World’s wool come from?

We use two different types of wool in our kits.  The first is from a sheep called Dorset Horn which is a British rare breed sheep, the second is from the Merino breed (which you have probably heard of) our Merino wool comes from South Africa.

All of the wool we use has been thoroughly cleaned, combed and coloured by our expert suppliers here in the UK.  Occasionally you might find a little bit of organic matter in the wool, this is completely natural in needle felting just pull it out and discard.

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Are your wools cruelty free?

Yes, all of our wools are cruelty free.

Why do you include 2 felting needles?

When you first start needle felting it is quite likely you will break a needle by holding it the wrong way, bending or twisting it as you poke the wool.  We don’t want you to stop learning this fantastic craft so we include 2 needles.

For example:  The first time I needle felted, I broke my needle in the first 5 minutes, my second needle is still going strong today!

I find it hard to hold the felting needles, what can i do?

Felting needles can prove difficult for some crafters to hold and we want everyone to enjoy our kits so you may find that a felting needle holder helps, take a look in our shop.

Help! I need more felting needles... and an extra foam pad!

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!  Head over to the Roly World Shop where we have a great range of needle felting tools, accessories and wool to choose from as well as some awesome stickers!

We're here to help

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